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Missouri commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in Missouri

If you own a business in Missouri, it's important that you have enough commercial insurance to cover your business and property should the unthinkable happen. At Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO, we realize that carrying commercial insurance can be confusing and want to help you understand what you need and how not having it affects you and your business. Read on below for some help.

Commercial liability insurance and commercial business insurance protect you from financial losses that could easily occur if someone is injured on your property or claims damage by you or one of your employees. Some items a policy may cover are below.

Bodily Injury

This covers bodily injury to a person at your business by you or an employee, or that is caused by you or an employee at your business. This covers you at clients home or works place.

Personal Injury

This covers everything from libel to slander and from wrongful eviction to false arrest. In other words, damages that cause problems for a person's reputation are covered here. For example, if someone was arrested in your store for shoplifting and it was later found out that they didn't, your insurance would cover you if they decided to sue your business.

This is just a little of what you need to know about commercial insurance for your business. For more information and any questions, feel free to contact us at Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, Missouri today.


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