Will My Auto Insurance Cover Theft?

Residents of Saint Charles, MO want to know that their vehicles are safe from theft. Hopefully, it’s not a worry that most resident would have to think about in the first place. Still, were it to occur, residents at least want to know that their auto insurance would cover them.

So how about you? Are you sure that your insurance plan has this coverage? Here’s what you need to know about auto insurance plans and theft:

  • First and foremost, it’s important to understand that all plans are different. You would need to speak directly with your insurance agent to be sure of what your plan covers.
  • If your entire car was stolen, again, whether or not you are covered will depend on what type of insurance plan you have. For the most part, however, comprehensive coverage plans will cover the value of your vehicle if it has been stolen.
  • In general, comprehensive coverage will help you out if your car was damaged because of the break-in. This coverage typically takes care of broken ignition systems, smashed windows, and broken door locks.
  • Keep in mind that this comprehensive coverage will not take care of any items that were stolen from your car. You would need another type of insurance such as renters insurance or homeowners insurance to cover these items.

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All you need to know about commercial insurance

Running your own business can be thrilling, but also, it comes with a lot of risks. So, whether you are running your first business or not, you need to master some things to help the business grow. You have to get employees, assets, and even sign some contracts to get your company up and running. What if you mess up something and end up losing everything? Will you be forced to start from the ground up?

As a business person, you need to know how to protect your business from various unexpected risks and what better way than to take a commercial insurance policy. However, understanding everything about commercial insurance can be tricky since it’s like learning a whole new language.

Nieroda Insurance Agency, which serves the people of St. Louis and Saint Charles, MO, understands how hard it is for people to comprehend insurance. So, we have taken the initiative to educate you more on commercial insurance in a language that you can relate. By doing this, you will be able to know which coverage option to take.

There are two main business insurance coverage options. Namely, commercial property coverage and commercial liability coverage. Let’s get into the details of the two.

Commercial Property Coverage

Every business must have assets to thrive in the market. Assets include buildings, vehicles, furniture, equipment, and stock among more. With a commercial property coverage, all your assets are protected from any disasters such as fire, vandalism, floods, and theft among more. Also, whatever your business loses as a result of not being operational, is covered. However, this depends on the insurance policy you have.

Commercial Liability Coverage

With this coverage, you are protected against any claims for any damage caused as a result of using your product, your operations, or your business grounds. Also, you are protected against any defense costs or any claims made arising from personal injury.

Nieroda Insurance agency has many other commercial insurance options, with these two being the main ones. So, if you are in St. Louis or Saint Charles, MO, please feel free to contact us to learn more about commercial insurance. Remember, we are here because of you.






Do I Need Home Insurance If My Home is Paid Off?

One of the first questions that we are asked at Nieroda Insurance Agency is whether homeowners in the greater Saint Charles, MO area need to carry home insurance if their home is paid off. Here is some information you will want to know if you have this same question.

You Are Not Required to Carry Home Insurance!

If you have a loan out on your home, the lender likely requires you to carry home insurance for your home. This helps ensure that they will be paid if something unexpected happens to your home, helping to protect their loan to you. If your home is paid off, you are no longer legally required to carry home insurance. As such, you technically could drop it as soon as your home is paid off as long as there are no other lien holders.

It is Highly Recommended You Do Purchase Home Insurance!

While you are not legally required to carry homeowners insurance once your home loan is paid off, it is still highly recommended that you do. Your home is still one of the largest assets you have. If something were to happen to it, you may be harmed financially due to losing this investment. Homeowners insurance helps to insure this large asset, which ultimately helps protect your financial future and the investment you have made by paying off your home for all of those years.

If you are looking to purchase home insurance in the greater Saint Charles, MO area, then let Nieroda Insurance Agency help. Our professionals can help you determine what your home insurance needs are and how much coverage you need. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your insurance needs or to obtain a quote. If you don’t have time to drop by the office or call, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance from the comfort of your computer.