Is flood insurance necessary if I do not live in a flood zone?

We all know the tragedy that can come from horrific flooding. We see the videos on the news and the photographs online of the damage caused by torrential downpours or subsiding storm surges from hurricanes. Thankfully, the people who live in those areas are usually aware of the dangers flooding can cause. Some people who purchase homes in flood-prone areas are even required to purchase flood insurance before they are approved for a mortgage. But what about the people who do not live in a flood zone? Are they safe enough to live without flood insurance?

The truth of the matter is that floods can happen anywhere and at any time. While those that live in flood zones or floodplain areas are more likely to experience a flood, there is still a chance that any home could flood. In fact, almost 25% of all flood insurance claims happen in areas that are outside of a floodplain. Further, most of these claims that exist outside of the flood plain are in areas that are declared a medium or even low risk for flooding. Just because you may live outside of an area that is prone to flooding does not necessarily mean that you are safe from the dangers and damages that come with flooding.

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