What’s Involved In Recovering From Flood Damage In Diasters

At the Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO, we offer you flood insurance and have extensive knowledge of the Flood Insurance Program. In July 2022, St Charles received 12 inches of rain, and the Dardeene Creek overflowed 20 feet, causing flooding for homeowners, apartment buildings, and offices. Many residents were evacuated from their homes, and the damage was extensive. Repairing flood damage takes several months, and not having flood insurance means you will not get coverage for the damage you deserve.

What to Do In a Flood Disaster? 

When you live in a high-risk area, having an emergency plan concerning flooding for you and your family makes sense. Contact a family member or a neighbor to discuss emergencies and stay for a short while with them in an emergency until emergency housing is found. Have a list of agencies in Saint Charles that help with flooding, such as The Red Cross, United Way, The Salvation Army, food pantries, shelters,

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services can provide information on services when a flood is determined a disaster. They will help you with information on housing assistance, disaster grants, and loans for your home and businesses.

Call your insurance broker, who can help provide the information and documents you need to repair your home or business. Our agency can provide you with a list of organizations assisting you and local food pantries and shelters. We suggest you contact Community Development to inspect the damage and permits needed to complete the work.

Our local United Way and Red Cross can help with housing. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will have information on organizations and ways for you to dispose of household goods, hazardous materials, and other debris.

The Missouri Environmental Protection Agency will have information on how to deal with contaminated drinking water because flood water becomes contaminated after significant flooding.  

Contact Nieroda Insurance Agency About Flood Insurance 

Saint Charles has areas that are at substantial risk for flooding. When you have flood insurance, it will protect you and your family. Call the Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO to learn more about the type of flood insurance that is right for you. Do not wait for disaster to happen to your home or business.