What is Warehouse Insurance?

Warehouse insurance is necessary if you are a third party that stores goods in a warehouse. The business is known as a bailee. This means they are entrusted with another’s property, and liable for physical damage to property in some circumstances. At Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO, we offer warehouse insurance. 

Business Insurance

There are several types of insurance warehouses should have. First, the owner should have general liability and property insurance. This covers the building and owner’s property, including business equipment. General liability provides coverage if a nonemployee is injured on the property and damage to other’s property. 

Warehouse Insurance

Since the focus of a warehouse’s operation is storing goods for a third party, specialized insurance is needed to cover these goods. Warehouse insurance is also known as "warehousemen’s legal liability insurance" or "warehouse operators legal liability insurance,"

If the third party’s goods get damaged as a result of improper maintenance or negligence by the warehouse owner or employee, warehouse insurance will cover the damage. Most policies don’t cover damage due to natural causes including flood and fires, although these events may be covered by property and liability insurance.

Improper handling and storage by employees is one example of gross negligence. If an employee is moving goods with a forklift, and the box slips off and falls to the ground, this would be improper handling and storage. If the items are temperature sensitive and climate control isn’t maintained, this would also be negligence. A fire caused by negligence, including an employee smoking in an unapproved area, would also be considered negligence. 

Nieroda Insurance Agency Warehouse Insurance

If you need warehouse insurance in Saint Charles, MO, contact us at Nieroda Insurance Agency. We will work with you to determine the best policy to fit your needs.