How to Estimate the Cost of Flood Damage in St Charles, MO

If you live in the Saint Charles, MO area, you live in a known flood plain. Most of the city is located in close proximity to the Missouri River, which puts all of St. Charles in a high-risk flood area. Nieroda Insurance Agency reminds you that you can never be too cautious when it comes to preparation. Expect the best, but always plan for the worst by protection your financial condition so you can rebuild in the event of a disaster.

Estimating Potential Damage

With a large body of water located so close to the town, how do you estimate the approximate damage that a flood can do? You can only estimate! Towns have been washed away in hours from what seemed to be a moderate flood because of broken levees, creeks that merged with rivers, increasing the amount of saturation and current, and other factors. 

As a rule of thumb, the average cost to clean up flooding within only a 200 square foot area of space is equal to about $3700. And 200 feet is only the beginning in a large flood.

Damage that can occur includes:

  • Water retention in buildings and out buildings
  • Furniture damage from hours of water contact
  • Electronics ruined or badly damages
  • Plumbing contamination and unsafe drinking water (compromised system)
  • Damaged underfloor fixtures and walls
  • Paint damage, wood destroyed and weakened by flooding

And these are just a few examples!

What to Do if you Live in a Flood Area

It’s scary when you think about what can happen in a flood plain. Without much warning, disaster can strike. Sometimes the water is even powerful enough to wash entire homes or cars away.

The only thing you can do is to make sure you are ready if the unthinkable does happen. If you live in the Saint Charles, MO area, call on Nieroda Insurance Agency for all of your flood insurance needs. Using accurate, up-to-date statistics, they can estimate what the worst-case scenario would be and offer you sound protection from floods. So you can move on with your life if your home or property is damaged.