How Condo Insurance Works

Condo insurance is a basic form of coverage for every condo owner. When you have a condo insurance policy, it gives you several different types of coverage. Owning a condo means you don’t need regular home insurance, as it covers the entire dwelling. Instead, condo insurance caters to condos and the portions of them that you own. When you need condo insurance for your home, give us a call at Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO.

Covering Your Dwelling

An important part of condo insurance is the coverage for your condo. The policy will cover the inside of the condo and exclude the outside walls and portions you don’t own. Often, that means coverage for the inside of the condo up to the inside portion of the outer walls. With this coverage, a damaging event to your condo can be covered so that the policy will pay for the needed repairs. This can save you tens of thousands on repair bills or even more. 

It Covers Your Belongings

Next to your home, your possessions are likely your most significant investment. With condo insurance, everything inside your home is covered. A damaging event that happens and destroys your belongings won’t mean you have to start all over again without anything. The policy can pay for you to replace what you lost. 

Liability Protection

Another type of coverage that you get with condo insurance is coverage for your liability. If a third party came into your home and had an accident that injured them, your policy would pay for the resulting medical bills. 

Get Your Condo Policy

It’s important to keep condo insurance to protect yourself in several ways. Call us at Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO when you need this insurance.