Myths about Condo Insurance

The Truth about Condo Insurance

Once you own a condo in Saint Charles, MO, it’s time to shop for condo insurance from an agent at Nieroda Insurance Agency. Don’t let these common myths fool you into not getting the right coverage.

Myth 1: My condo association already has insurance, so I don’t need it.

The insurance coverage from your condo’s master policy won’t protect you or your belongings. This coverage only applies to damage to the building and common areas. Every condo owner should have insurance to protect what is inside the unit.

Myth 2: Condo insurance only protects your belongings.

Condo insurance coverage will do more than just protect your belongings. Just like homeowners insurance, condo insurance comes with some liability coverage. Some policies will even cover additional costs to improvements you made in the unit, additional living expenses if you can’t live in your unit, and additional protection to cover you if your condo association doesn’t have adequate coverage.

Myth 3: Condo insurance will cover everything in the unit.

There is usually a limit on condo insurance policies for things like jewelry, watches, fur, or gems. If your jewelry and other special items are worth more than the limit, you will want to purchase additional coverage.

Myth 4: Condo insurance covers water damage.

Condo insurance likely won’t cover damage caused by sewer backups or overflowing water from rain or spring runoff. It’s a good idea to check with your policy, so you know what is covered.

Myth 5: If I rent my condo, my coverage will cover my tenants’ belongings.

Your rented condo insurance won’t extend to your tenants or their belongings. They will need their own renter’s insurance policy to cover their belongings and liability claims.

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