Missouri Boat Insurance: Bodily Injury Coverage Explained

When you are considering boat insurance or thinking of renewing your boat insurance policy, it can be very easy to get confused by the terms and jargon. Bodily injury coverage is one of those terms.

At Nieroda Insurance Agency, we want Saint Charles, MO boaters to have all the coverage that they need. We can help you to understand all the terms that are coming your way when you are looking at your boat insurance policy.

Bodily Injury Coverage

There are different kinds of medical coverage when it comes to your boat insurance policy. There is Medical Pay coverage and bodily injury coverage. Because there are different medical coverages, in addition to your own health care coverage, understanding the differences can be confusing.

Medical pay coverage refers to the coverage you make claims on when you need to make an injury claim for something that happened to you on your boat. Medical payments also covers accidental death.

Bodily injury coverage is liability coverage. This coverage refers to the coverage that you claim when you are at fault for an accident or injury. If something happens to someone else on your boat, your bodily injury coverage will pay for that.

Bodily injury coverage will have a cap. This will cover any expense to an accident that happens to someone else when you are at fault or liable in an accident. Bodily injury coverage may not just include their medical coverage. It can also include any lost wages.

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