What Renters Insurance Covers

t’s exciting to rent a new apartment and begin exploring your new neighborhood.  You need to get rental insurance to protect your assets though.  Disasters such as fires and severe weather can harm apartment buildings.  Apartment owners maintain property insurance just for this.  However, their policy does not cover the contents of any of the apartments, just the physical structure.  Our agents at Nieroda Insurance Agency work with apartment dwellers throughout the Saint Charles, MO area to get the right coverage. 

As a very affordable policy, renters’ insurance provides many benefits.  It covers all of the contents of your apartment including furniture, clothing, and electronics.  This extends to items, such as laptops, that are stolen or damaged when you are away from home. The policy also covers items damaged by faulty pipes or electrical issues.  It does not, however, cover items that are damaged due to neglect or flooding.  When you began considering coverage, create a detailed inventory of your possessions.  This will help you and your agent decide the amount of coverage that you realistically need. 

In the Saint Charles, MO area, our agents at the Nieroda Insurance Agency can help you decide which renter’s insurance policy is best for your situation.  They can help you maximize your coverage without paying more than you should.  To get started, visit our website for general information.  When you’re ready, call or come by our offices to talk with an agent.  We can answer any questions you have and explain your policy options.  For a few moments of your time, you can protect all of your possessions.  Your furniture, electronics, and household items are important for your comfort and ability to get work done.  That’s why the investment in renter’s insurance is an important one.  Don’t wait until its too late.  Come by today!