Why you need a unit policy in addition to a master condo policy

A unit policy from Nieroda Insurance Agency is essential to a master condo policy, as it provides more specific guidance and regulation for individual condos here in the Saint Charles, MO area. A master condo policy outlines the general regulations that apply to all units in a condominium building, such as common areas, parking rules, and pet policies. However, these policies are often too broad to provide for each unit’s unique needs. A unit policy can help fill in the gaps by providing more detailed rules that pertain only to certain units or owners.  

For example, a master condo policy may not address noise levels between units or how balconies should be used. A unit policy could outline the acceptable noise levels between neighbors and detail what types of furniture or items are allowed on balconies. Additionally, a unit policy can provide homeowners with more flexibility when making improvements to their units. In some cases, homeowners may request permission from the building’s board of directors before making changes, but if they have an established unit policy, they don’t need this approval. 

Having both a master condo policy and a separate unit policy is beneficial for all parties involved – it ensures that all owners understand their rights and responsibilities while also protecting each individual homeowner from unfair regulations or violations of their rights. Unit policies give everyone peace of mind that their home and privacy will be respected while ensuring everyone follows the same set of guidelines.

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