Two Reasons to Consider Renter’s Insurance in Missouri

According to U.S statistics, 35% of the country’s population live in rental homes, and this should mean that a good percentage of the population should also acquire renters insurance. However, a recent survey conducted showed that about half of renters aged between 22 and 30 have not procured this type of insurance, which subjects them to a huge risk. At Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving Saint Charles, MO, we are an insurance agency that does not only provides renters insurance but also teaches clients why it is beneficial to procure renter insurance. Security for your belongings and property should be a concern for all renters.

Below are two reasons why Nieroda Insurance Agency suggests renter’s insurance for Missouri residents:

1. Providing security to your guests

This is applicable for aggressive pets, for example. If a guest is bitten accidentally by one of your pets while at your home, then you are liable for their medical bills. If you have a renter’s insurance policy, the costs may be covered by liability in your policy. You will need to discuss the details with your insurance agent before filing a claim. This type of policy is good for handling liability issues when an incident occurs that is due to your negligence or actions.

2. Coverage for damages caused by fires or weather to your belongings

A landlord’s policy will not cover your belongings from damages due to weather or a fire. If the incident is not due to your negligence, a renter’s insurance policy will gladly repair or replace your possessions should a covered peril occur. If you have higher end items, you will need to let your insurance agent know so that they can determine if you will need additional coverage. It is also wise to make an inventory of your most valued possessions to make sure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage.

Contact the agents of Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO to get a quote on a renter’s insurance policy and to learn more.