3 Good Reasons to Make a Home Inventory

If you own a home, it’s to your advantage to make an inventory of your personal goods for insurance purposes. A home inventory will enable you to keep track of your goods and verify their value so you can get properly reimbursed in the event of a claim. At Nieroda Insurance Agency, we encourage Saint Charles, MO homeowners to make a home inventory shortly after moving into their new home. Here’s why you should take the time to inventory your goods.

Document What You Own

A home inventory helps you document what you own and verify its value before you suffer loss. If a fire were to ravage your home and destroy most of your belongings, you’ll have proof of ownership and documented evidence in the form of photos, videos, receipts, appraisals, etc., of their value. This information can help streamline your insurance claim to get reimbursed for your loss. Without an inventory, you may forget important items or have trouble verifying the value of expensive goods, making it more difficult to recuperate their loss.

Confirm Insurance Coverage

A home inventory will give you a more accurate picture of the insurance coverage you need to protect your belongings. If you own costly goods, you want to make sure you have adequate coverage to replace them in the event of a total loss. Otherwise, you may have to pay for their replacement on your own.     

Facilitate Estate Planning

A home inventory can come in handy for estate planning. Having a list of your belongings will make it easier to make decisions on how to distribute your goods upon your demise.  

For tips on how to make a home inventory or information about quality home insurance coverage, contact an agent from Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO.