How home insurance protects your personal property

How home insurance protects your personal property

Every home insurance policy comes with an essential coverage known as personal property coverage. However, very few people know how it works and how it protects their personal belongings. If you are one of them, worry no more. Experts at Nieroda Insurance Agency will help you understand why this coverage is critical in your home insurance policy.

What is a home personal property coverage? 

Personal property coverage is part of your home insurance policy that repairs or replaces damaged, lost, or stolen valuables in your home. When you visit an insurance agency in Saint Charles, MO, you will be required to provide an approximation value of your possessions to calculate your home insurance rates. In most cases, they will need to visit your home and evaluate whether you own the items and their present condition. Your personal property comprises of:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Dishes
  • Sports equipment
  • Toys 
  • Rugs, curtains, and other decors

What about valuable possessions like the artwork?

Not every valuable in your home is covered by home insurance. Items that exceed the value of your policy may not be covered by standard home insurance. In this case, you need to buy a separate policy to protect them. Some of the valuables include:

  • Fine wine (expensive)
  • High-value artwork
  • Jewelry 
  • Collectibles like coins
  • Firearms

How much coverage do I need for my personal belongings?

You will need to do a bit of homework to determine the amount of coverage you need. First, you need to develop an inventory and note down the value of each item. Next, you will need to know some of the most common claims in your area to determine which coverages fit your needs. Your insurer can help you determine the most common claims in Saint Charles, MO.

You have worked hard to buy everything you own in your home. Nieroda Insurance Agency is here to ensure your property is protected. Feel free to drop by for more information, quotes, or new policy discussions.

Saint Charles, MO Homeowners: Dealing with Termites

Termites are one of the top destructive forces that homeowners have to deal with each year. The bugs cause costly damage to structures. In some cases, the damage is so bad that the structure has to be torn down a rebuilt simply to make it safe again. But if the termites are taken care of, they will just come back a second time looking for more food. And it may surprise you that termite damage is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy is Saint Charles, MO.

Preventing Termite Damage

Termite damage is not covered by your policy because the insurance company views the bug as preventable. As the owner, you have the responsibility to fix all damages and exterminate the bug. If termites are caught early on, the damage that you will have to repair will be minimal. In order to stop the termites from damaging your home here are some ways to treat them.

  • Termites digest the cellulose in plants and organic material. To keep them from finding your home store food sources away from the main structure. Termites love to eat firewood, mulch, plants, and other like sources. 
  • Termites love moisture. The termite will usually show up around areas that are easy for them to penetrate. Areas that are prone to water leaks such as bad gutters or dripping faucets will be an easy target for the termite. 
  • Keep them out of the home by sealing off all entry points around cracks and service lines. Every pest will look for an easy way into the home.

Homeowner’s insurance policies cover lots of items that are usually beyond your control. Termites can be stopped before they ever find their way into the home by simple care. If you have any questions about your policy or termite control, then please call us at Nieroda Insurance Agency today. We can help you by providing you services and information about your insurance needs in Saint Charles, MO.

3 Good Reasons to Make a Home Inventory

If you own a home, it’s to your advantage to make an inventory of your personal goods for insurance purposes. A home inventory will enable you to keep track of your goods and verify their value so you can get properly reimbursed in the event of a claim. At Nieroda Insurance Agency, we encourage Saint Charles, MO homeowners to make a home inventory shortly after moving into their new home. Here’s why you should take the time to inventory your goods.

Document What You Own

A home inventory helps you document what you own and verify its value before you suffer loss. If a fire were to ravage your home and destroy most of your belongings, you’ll have proof of ownership and documented evidence in the form of photos, videos, receipts, appraisals, etc., of their value. This information can help streamline your insurance claim to get reimbursed for your loss. Without an inventory, you may forget important items or have trouble verifying the value of expensive goods, making it more difficult to recuperate their loss.

Confirm Insurance Coverage

A home inventory will give you a more accurate picture of the insurance coverage you need to protect your belongings. If you own costly goods, you want to make sure you have adequate coverage to replace them in the event of a total loss. Otherwise, you may have to pay for their replacement on your own.     

Facilitate Estate Planning

A home inventory can come in handy for estate planning. Having a list of your belongings will make it easier to make decisions on how to distribute your goods upon your demise.  

For tips on how to make a home inventory or information about quality home insurance coverage, contact an agent from Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO.

Home insurance for long-term asset coverage

It’s time to protect those assets because you never know when something could go wrong…or even incredibly right. You find out that gold coin your father, who just passed away and owned, is worth a fortune. You lose your house altogether but realize there were more invaluable assets in your other home or business location….and would not have known, had it not been for the house fire. You suddenly take an interest in getting your property appraised, but then after doing so, find out that it — and the possessions within it — are really not worth that much, all in all. Been in any of these situations or something else? 

We all know what it’s like, and there lies the value of getting some quality asset coverage when it comes to your affordable home insurance plan. You can add – on this supplemental protection and keep all your valuables safe, thereby maintaining your overall valuations just a little higher. After all, and as we just pointed out, you never know what your possessions cost (or could potentially cost, one day in the future), so it’s worth insuring them as best you can. 

Check out what an asset – based policy or annuity might do for your current situation, finances and all. And the best part is probably this: There are many forms you can choose from, usually, at least when it comes to providers like Nieroda. Have you heard of them? 

Nieroda Insurance Agency, assistance home insurance buyers in Saint Charles, MO, is here to offer advice, packages and more. Check them out today. You may come out a winner and get a great deal. What’s there to lose?

Premium increases won’t negatively affect our policy increases. We’re on top of that. Check us out today to learn more….. 

Dealing With a Home Burglary

A home burglary is a difficult event to cope with, especially if you live in a safe area where you would never think a home invasion would occur. Whether you saw the robber or came home to a broken window and missing possessions, your initial instinct tells you to panic. However, it’s best to be proactive about the situation and take the necessary steps to try to cover your property. Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving Saint Charles, MO, and the surrounding area, has a few tips to help. 

Take an Inventory of Your Possessions

If it’s not apparent as to everything that was stolen immediately, go through your home and take an inventory of everything that the thieves took. Make a list of these items to make the process of discussing the event with the police as easy as possible. 

Contact the Local Police 

Next, contact your local police immediately after you determine what’s missing. Keep in mind; it’s hard to have a theft claim paid if there’s no evidence it happened, which is why it’s vital you call the police before you file a claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After you speak to the police, you should call your insurance company to file a claim. They may need information from the police report. No matter how frustrated or upset you are, make sure you cooperate with the homeowner’s insurance company representative because they’re only asking you for necessary information to process your claim. You’ll receive forms you must fill out correctly and send back. Make sure you gather any receipts for the missing items or any bank or credit card statements that reflect the cost of the missing items. 

Whether you need to file a home burglary claim with us or would like to open a policy, contact Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving Saint Charles, MO, and the surrounding area, by calling or visiting our offices for a quote. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes from home on home insurance.

Do I Need Home Insurance If My Home is Paid Off?

One of the first questions that we are asked at Nieroda Insurance Agency is whether homeowners in the greater Saint Charles, MO area need to carry home insurance if their home is paid off. Here is some information you will want to know if you have this same question.

You Are Not Required to Carry Home Insurance!

If you have a loan out on your home, the lender likely requires you to carry home insurance for your home. This helps ensure that they will be paid if something unexpected happens to your home, helping to protect their loan to you. If your home is paid off, you are no longer legally required to carry home insurance. As such, you technically could drop it as soon as your home is paid off as long as there are no other lien holders.

It is Highly Recommended You Do Purchase Home Insurance!

While you are not legally required to carry homeowners insurance once your home loan is paid off, it is still highly recommended that you do. Your home is still one of the largest assets you have. If something were to happen to it, you may be harmed financially due to losing this investment. Homeowners insurance helps to insure this large asset, which ultimately helps protect your financial future and the investment you have made by paying off your home for all of those years.

If you are looking to purchase home insurance in the greater Saint Charles, MO area, then let Nieroda Insurance Agency help. Our professionals can help you determine what your home insurance needs are and how much coverage you need. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your insurance needs or to obtain a quote. If you don’t have time to drop by the office or call, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance from the comfort of your computer.