Does motorcycle insurance cover accidents on private property?

You’re cruising outside Saint Charles, MO on your brand-new motorcycle when you see a turn into private property. It’s a scenic route you’ve always wanted to take, so you exit the highway and start winding your way down the road. Suddenly, a deer jumps out in front of you, and you swerve to avoid it, crashing into a tree. The bike is totaled, and you’re hurt. Will your insurance cover the damage? Nieroda Insurance Agency has answers.

It’s a common misconception that motorcycle insurance only covers accidents on public roads. In reality, most policies will cover you for damages sustained in an accident on private property, assuming you have liability coverage. This type of coverage pays for damages to property or people you may be held responsible for in an accident. If you don’t have liability coverage, your insurance company will likely not pay for any damages incurred in an accident.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. For instance, if you were racing your motorcycle on private property and crashed. As a result, your insurance company could argue that the accident was due to recklessness on your part and deny your claim. Or, if the property owners had posted signs prohibiting motorcycle riders from being on their land and you ignored those signs, they could potentially sue you for trespassing—and your insurance company would not be obligated to pay for any damages resulting from that suit. 

In general, you can rest assured knowing that your Saint Charles, MO motorcycle insurance policy will likely cover damages sustained in an accident on private property—as long as you have liability coverage. If you have more questions, contact Nieroda Insurance Agency. We are here to help!