Auto Insurance: What is the Difference between Comprehensive and Collision?

Have you ever looked at your auto insurance policy and wondered what the different sections meant? Why are comprehensive and collision often mentioned in the same breath? Are they the same thing? Your local agent at Nieroda Insurance Agency is here to answer your questions.

Collision: For When Your Car Hits Something

The collision section goes to work when you are in an accident on the roads around Saint Charles, MO and your car needs to be repaired. Even if it was the other guy’s fault, your collision coverage means that your insurance will pay for the repair without waiting for the investigation to be completed. If you decide not to include collision, you may have to wait for their insurance to get around to paying out before you can fix your ride.

Comprehensive: For When Something Out of the Ordinary Damages Your Vehicle

Not every dent is a result of a fender bender. The comprehensive section can help you to replace your car if it is stolen or fixed when damaged by vandalism. It may also help you get the windshield replaced after a hail storm or when a deer jumps onto your hood. Without comprehensive, if your car is randomly dinged or lost, you will be left paying for the repair or replacement. If you have a car loan for your vehicle, the lender may require that you carry both collision and comprehensive.

Comprehensive and collision are two parts of auto insurance that are not required by the State of Missouri. If you would like to learn more about auto insurance and all of your options, click or call to contact your agent at Nieroda Insurance Agency serving the Saint Charles, MO area.