Three important commercial insurance coverage

Commercial insurance is not just one insurance. It is many different insurance protections. The type of commercial insurance that you need to cover your business should be tailored to your particular business. At Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO our experienced agents know the questions to ask in order to determine which types of commercial insurance would be a benefit to your business and which ones would not. 

Some commercial insurance is more generally beneficial to many different types of businesses in many different locations. Others are specialized to fit particular types of business. These are three important commercial insurance coverages. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is something that almost every business needs whether you own your property, rent, or work from home. It covers the physical assets of your business. This includes things like machinery, office equipment, inventory, and even the sign outside your business. Common hazards covered are fire, explosion, vandalism. bursting pipes and theft. Exclusions include floods and earthquakes which may be covered under separate policies. 

Workers’ Compensation

In Missouri, employers are mandated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Most businesses must have 5 or more employees to be required to carry the insurance but in the construction industry, only one employee is necessary. 

Commercial Liability

Commercial liability insurance can be the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. In the event that a lawsuit is brought against you and a judgment won, it will help to pay that judgment up to the amount on your policy. Having to pay this out of pocket could cost you your business. 

At Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO we think that every business should have a commercial insurance policy that fits their business. Come in or give us a call to make an appointment to sit down with a knowledgable member of our team to discuss your needs. 

Saint Charles, MO Homeowners: Dealing with Termites

Termites are one of the top destructive forces that homeowners have to deal with each year. The bugs cause costly damage to structures. In some cases, the damage is so bad that the structure has to be torn down a rebuilt simply to make it safe again. But if the termites are taken care of, they will just come back a second time looking for more food. And it may surprise you that termite damage is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy is Saint Charles, MO.

Preventing Termite Damage

Termite damage is not covered by your policy because the insurance company views the bug as preventable. As the owner, you have the responsibility to fix all damages and exterminate the bug. If termites are caught early on, the damage that you will have to repair will be minimal. In order to stop the termites from damaging your home here are some ways to treat them.

  • Termites digest the cellulose in plants and organic material. To keep them from finding your home store food sources away from the main structure. Termites love to eat firewood, mulch, plants, and other like sources. 
  • Termites love moisture. The termite will usually show up around areas that are easy for them to penetrate. Areas that are prone to water leaks such as bad gutters or dripping faucets will be an easy target for the termite. 
  • Keep them out of the home by sealing off all entry points around cracks and service lines. Every pest will look for an easy way into the home.

Homeowner’s insurance policies cover lots of items that are usually beyond your control. Termites can be stopped before they ever find their way into the home by simple care. If you have any questions about your policy or termite control, then please call us at Nieroda Insurance Agency today. We can help you by providing you services and information about your insurance needs in Saint Charles, MO.

Is motorcycle insurance required in Missouri?

Nothing else is quite like hitting the open road on a motorcycle. It offers an unparalleled sense of freedom. Missouri has a lot of roads, it is number 7 in the nation for state highway miles at 33.838. Add to that 28,292 miles of minor roads and you realize that you have years of pleasure ahead of you. But these are not the only statistic that the Missouri Department of Transportation provides, 5.5 million registered drivers will be sharing all those roads with you. Understanding motorcycle insurance is something that the team at Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO understands and can help you understand. 

All drivers in Missouri including those who drive motorcycles are required to carry liability insurance. Missouri is a 25/50/10 state. That means that you must have $25,000 in bodily injury per person and $50,000 per accident with $10,000 for property damage.  This is the minimum allowed, the minimum is not right for everyone. Before you decided to get just the insurance that is required you should consider what insurance you need to have peace of mind.

If you are involved in an accident with a driver without insurance or who is underinsured it can be a problem if you don’t have coverage. Motorcycles and their riders are more likely to be the not-at-fault party and you need to be sure that you carry enough insurance to make sure that you can have your bike repaired or replaced. A quality bike is a major investment and you need to protect that investment. Uninsured/underinsured coverage, as well as collision and comprehensive, can help keep you covered. 

At Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO we will sit down and discuss motorcycle insurance with you in terms that make sense. As an independent agency, we offer products from different carriers and can find one that fits your particular needs. Give us a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote. 

Is Boat Insurance Required?

Getting out on the water in a boat or other watercraft is a hobby people enjoy all around the world, and Saint Charles, MO residents are no exception. When you are ready for a day on the water, the last thing you want to have to worry about is insurance coverage. Instead, learn about boating insurance requirements now.

Boating insurance is not required by Missouri law. However, that does not mean you do not need it. If you are currently making payments on your boat, the lender most likely requires that you carry insurance until you pay the boat off. This is so that their investment is protected in case of an accident. Take a look at your contracts or give your lender a call.

Additionally, the docks or marina you choose to boat in may require that you carry insurance in order to use their facilities. Before getting your boat on the road, call around to see who requires insurance so that you are prepared.

Even if you are not required to have boat insurance, you should consider obtaining it anyway. Your boat is an asset. In the case of an accident, could you afford to have it repaired and get it back out on the water? If the answer is no, a boat insurance policy can benefit you tremendously.

You should also take the value of the boat into consideration. The higher the value, the more important insurance coverage is. If your boat is already on its last leg, you may choose to forego insurance. No matter what you decide, be sure you have thought it through. Nieroda Insurance Agency can discuss your options with you and help you make a wise decision.

If you are a Saint Charles, MO boat owner and are considering boat insurance, Nieroda Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage you need, so stop by or give us a call today. 


What Renters Insurance Covers

t’s exciting to rent a new apartment and begin exploring your new neighborhood.  You need to get rental insurance to protect your assets though.  Disasters such as fires and severe weather can harm apartment buildings.  Apartment owners maintain property insurance just for this.  However, their policy does not cover the contents of any of the apartments, just the physical structure.  Our agents at Nieroda Insurance Agency work with apartment dwellers throughout the Saint Charles, MO area to get the right coverage. 

As a very affordable policy, renters’ insurance provides many benefits.  It covers all of the contents of your apartment including furniture, clothing, and electronics.  This extends to items, such as laptops, that are stolen or damaged when you are away from home. The policy also covers items damaged by faulty pipes or electrical issues.  It does not, however, cover items that are damaged due to neglect or flooding.  When you began considering coverage, create a detailed inventory of your possessions.  This will help you and your agent decide the amount of coverage that you realistically need. 

In the Saint Charles, MO area, our agents at the Nieroda Insurance Agency can help you decide which renter’s insurance policy is best for your situation.  They can help you maximize your coverage without paying more than you should.  To get started, visit our website for general information.  When you’re ready, call or come by our offices to talk with an agent.  We can answer any questions you have and explain your policy options.  For a few moments of your time, you can protect all of your possessions.  Your furniture, electronics, and household items are important for your comfort and ability to get work done.  That’s why the investment in renter’s insurance is an important one.  Don’t wait until its too late.  Come by today!

Recovering floods: Important tips for residents

Floods can be a nightmare for many homes particularly when it comes to damages. They disrupt, damage and isolate communities and households. If you live in a flood zone area, the chances are that you have been taught important flood management tips.

If you live around Saint Charles, MO, you can purchase flood insurance as early as possible to help you stay financially protected in case the worst happens.

At Nieroda Insurance Agency, we always recommend having home insurance, umbrella insurance, and flood insurance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while managing and recovering from floods:

  • If you are not home, wait for the emergency services to announce whether the place is all clear before entering the affected zones.
  • If your home is affected, contact your insurance provider the earliest possible to help hasten the claim process. Do not enter the affected home until cleared by the authorities.
  • If the home is unlivable, take what you can with you and vacate till it is safe. Make sure your electricity and gas supplies are turned off, all taps are closed, and lights out  
  • Never use cigarette lighters, matches or any form of naked flame, and wear leather, or rubber gloves and shoes to protect your skin from the contaminated floodwater.
  • If you have pets,  find them and take them to a safe place. 
  • Encourage your family and loved ones or anyone who was present during the incident to talk it out with neighbors and friends.
  • Get and only rely on information provided by the authorities. 

We cannot always prevent the damage that floods can cause, but we can always manage to stay informed and be safe. For all your insurance needs contact Nieroda Insurance Agency serving Saint Charles, MO. 


What Factors Should You Consider When Deciding on Policy Limits for Condo Insurance?

One of the questions that we at Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving the greater Saint Charles, MO area are frequently asked by those who are looking to purchase condo insurance is how much coverage do I need, or how do I know if my policy limits are set high enough. When you are trying to decide on policy limits for condo insurance, there are two key factors that you need to carefully think about and consider. 

How Much it Would Cost to Rebuild the Interior of Your Condo

Many people think that their coverage level needs to be at least as high as what their condo would sell for. However, the value of the condo is not what insurance agents will look at if something happens, such as a fire. Insurance agents will look at how much it would cost to rebuild the interior of your condo exactly how you had it. Consider building costs, as well as the types of materials and finishes that you have in your condo. 

The Value of the Possessions That You Have Stored in Your Condo

The other factor that you need to consider when determining what your condo insurance limits should be set at is the value of the possessions you have in your condo. This includes furniture, clothes, electronics, kitchen goods, artwork, and jewelry. You want to ensure the coverage level is high enough to not only rebuild the interior of your condo but fully cover the loss of any items stored inside the condo as well. 

Are you looking to purchase a new condo insurance policy in the greater Saint Charles, MO area? Reach out to use at Nieroda Insurance Agency today. We can help you find the right plan and help you to determine how much coverage you need for your policy. Schedule an appointment with us to get started. 

Questions to ask when choosing health insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important coverages that you have. Choosing the best policy for your needs and finances is important. It is a fine balance between being covered and being able to afford the coverage. Some questions to ask when choosing health insurance are vital to getting the right fit. Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO has staff who can help you to figure out which policy will be the best fit for your needs and your purse. Some of the questions you need to ask include:

  • What is the maximum out of pocket expense I will need to pay every year? 
  • Does my doctor take this insurance plan? 
  • What is the plan deductible?
  • Is the drug or drugs I take covered? 
  • What is the premium? 

The maximum out of pocket expense is the amount that you will need to pay before your policy provides you with 100% coverage. This can be anywhere from about $3000 for a great plan to the mandated maximum of $7900 for plans in the ACA. Your deductible and copays all count toward the maximum. 

Insurance plans have a list, many will be on their website, of the providers in their plan. If you are in doubt, call your doctor’s office to double-check. Going out of network can be very expensive depending on the plan. 

High deductible plans can be thousands of dollars that need to be paid before any services are paid. They are attractive since the premiums are usually low. 

Insurance companies have a drug list called a formulary which lists both branded and generic drugs and places them in tiers. The amount of copay and deductible that you must pay depends on the tier of the drug. 

The premium must be something that you can afford and still provide you with the coverage you need. Finding the right policy is something that the staff at Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO can help you with. Check out their website or call their office for a no-obligation quote. 



What Protections Does Life Insurance Offer?

There are a lot of different ways to feel secure, and one of those is to have life insurance. At Nieroda Insurance Agency we work with people in the Saint Charles, MO area so they can get the insurance coverage they need and want. If you’re not sure what kind of coverage you really should have, or whether you need life insurance at all, talking to a trusted agent can make your choices clearer. Don’t hesitate to talk to us, so you can find the policy that’s right for you. Some life insurance policies provide more protection than others, and with that in mind, you’ll want to get the one that offers what you need.

All life insurance is designed to provide for a beneficiary when you pass away. But there are term and whole life options. In those two groups, there are also other subtleties that you’ll want to be aware of. Some policies can be used when you’re still living if you have a terminal illness. Others are able to be used as savings accounts. There are higher and lower coverage levels, and how much coverage you need will depend on a number of factors you’ll want to pay attention to. It’s very important that you understand the complexities of the policy, so you know what it does and doesn’t cover. Your agent can help.

If you’re in the Saint Charles, MO area, reach out to us at Nieroda Insurance Agency. We want to help you find the right policy for your needs, and we want to make sure you have peace of mind. With a life insurance policy that offers you the right protections, you’ll be confident that you’re providing properly for anyone you leave behind when you pass away. That gives you comfort in protecting your loved ones.

Do You Need Collision If You Have Comprehensive?

Although it isn’t required by law, you may be required by your finance company to carry both comprehensive and collision auto insurance. They are both insurance types that cover the costs of damages to your care but cover different causes. Know which types of damages each cover so you can get more complete coverage. 

Comprehensive vs. Collision Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers damages to your vehicle that aren’t a result of a collision with another car or objects. This type of insurance will cover a wide variety of situations that cause damages to your vehicles such as animals and storm damage. In addition, this type of coverage can protect you from theft and fire risks. Collision insurance will cover you from hitting a stationary object or even damage to your car as a result of faulty roads and similar situations. 

Deciding Which Coverage Works For You

You may not be required to carry these types of coverage, but working with your insurance agent will give you a better picture of the level of protection you need to prevent losses. Outlining your needs and finding the policies that give you high-quality coverage should be the agent’s priority. If you want excellent customer service and a wide range of option for your auto insurance, call Nieroda Insurance Agency if you live in or around the Saint Charles, MO area. Their agents will help you discover what your individual needs are and help you obtain the right type of custom policy to protect you around the clock. 

Residents living near the Saint Charles MO area should call or stop by Nierod Insurance Agency to speak with an experienced agent to find out more about a personalized auto insurance plan. Get more out of your auto insurance with the help of their professional insurance agents.