How Commercial Insurance Can Protect Your Business

Business owners have a special responsibility to their selves, their employees, and their customers. You have invested a great amount of time and money into your company. If you want to protect this investment, the best place to start is through a solid commercial insurance plan. At Nieroda Insurance Agency Saint Charles, MO we know that in order for you to make the best insurance choices, you need the best insurance information available. This is why we make it a priority to provide our clients with great insurance info. Please keep reading to find out what you need to know about commercial insurance and how it can help to protect your business. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a special type of insurance product which will help to protect the important investments of time and money which you have put into your company. Your company operates on my levels with many moving parts, and all of those parts need protection. We can provide you with one simple policy to cover everything that is important to you so that you can focus more of your time and energy on your business. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Your commercial insurance policy can be customized to meet your specific needs, but in general, a commercial policy will cover the following areas:

Property Damage- This type of coverage will provide for repairs or replacement of equipment or facilities lost or damaged due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary. 

Auto Coverage- If you operate vehicles in your company we can provide you with the necessary insurance. 

Liability Coverage- If someone is injured at your facility or because of your goods or services, liability insurance will cover any medical bills or legal fees which could result. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving St. Charles, MO. 

How home insurance protects your personal property

How home insurance protects your personal property

Every home insurance policy comes with an essential coverage known as personal property coverage. However, very few people know how it works and how it protects their personal belongings. If you are one of them, worry no more. Experts at Nieroda Insurance Agency will help you understand why this coverage is critical in your home insurance policy.

What is a home personal property coverage? 

Personal property coverage is part of your home insurance policy that repairs or replaces damaged, lost, or stolen valuables in your home. When you visit an insurance agency in Saint Charles, MO, you will be required to provide an approximation value of your possessions to calculate your home insurance rates. In most cases, they will need to visit your home and evaluate whether you own the items and their present condition. Your personal property comprises of:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Dishes
  • Sports equipment
  • Toys 
  • Rugs, curtains, and other decors

What about valuable possessions like the artwork?

Not every valuable in your home is covered by home insurance. Items that exceed the value of your policy may not be covered by standard home insurance. In this case, you need to buy a separate policy to protect them. Some of the valuables include:

  • Fine wine (expensive)
  • High-value artwork
  • Jewelry 
  • Collectibles like coins
  • Firearms

How much coverage do I need for my personal belongings?

You will need to do a bit of homework to determine the amount of coverage you need. First, you need to develop an inventory and note down the value of each item. Next, you will need to know some of the most common claims in your area to determine which coverages fit your needs. Your insurer can help you determine the most common claims in Saint Charles, MO.

You have worked hard to buy everything you own in your home. Nieroda Insurance Agency is here to ensure your property is protected. Feel free to drop by for more information, quotes, or new policy discussions.

Three of the most important things to remember when you’re selecting a motorcycle insurance policy

At Nieroda Insurance Agency, we provide motorcycle insurance policies to riders in Saint Charles, MO. We can answer questions you have about motorcycle insurance coverage in Missouri. 

The following are three of the most important things to remember when you’re selecting a motorcycle insurance policy.

Purchasing both collision and comprehensive coverage offers the most complete coverage for your bike.

As a rider, one of your priorities is likely to be protecting your bike. If you want to make sure you protect your bike as much as possible, it’s best to invest in both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

When you invest in both of these types of coverage, you’ll be covered for damage from fire or theft in addition to accident damages. 

Investing in added liability coverage is a good idea.

It’s not a good idea to just buy the minimum liability coverage amount that’s required by law. If you invest in added liability coverage, you’ll have more security. You’ll be less likely to end up in an accident that costs more than your liability coverage limits. This protects you financially and gives you more peace of mind. 

Paying upfront is a good idea. 

For most motorcycle insurance policies, you’ll have the option of paying upfront or monthly. Paying upfront is the best idea if you have the money to do so. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to make a payment if you pay upfront. Also, many providers will offer a discount to policyholders who pay their full premium upfront. 

Let us help you find motorcycle coverage to meet your needs in Saint Charles, MO. Contact us at Nieroda Insurance Agency to learn more. 

Why do I need a boat insurance policy in Missouri?

In the Saint Charles, MO area, people are going to continue to enjoy warm weather that can exist for much of the spring, summer, and fall. If you are in this area of Missouri, one great investment to make that will help you to enjoy it is by getting a boat. If you are going to purchase a boat here, you do need to get proper insurance for it. There are several reasons that you may need to get boat insurance here.

Insurance is a Requirement for Use in Some Areas

One reason that you should get boat insurance in this area of Missouri is that it can be a requirement for use in some areas. If you want to use certain marinas or waterways, you are going to need to carry insurance. This is often a local necessity as it will ensure that you can pay for any damages that you cause during any type of accident. 

Insurance Protects Asset

You will also want to get boat insurance as it will be able to protect your asset. Buying a boat is a big investment that you need to protect. When you get a full boat insurance policy, you will receive the coverage that you need. This insurance can give you protection against the risk of theft or damage from an accident. 

There are many reasons that you may need to get boat insurance when you are in the Saint Charles, MO area. When you are looking for your next policy, it would be a good idea for you to call Nieroda Insurance Agency. If you do call the team at the Nieroda Insurance Agency, you will get to learn more about how boat insurance can protect you and your asset. 

Who Needs Rental Insurance?

If you don’t own your home, it’s still important that you carry insurance on your belongings so that you’re protected in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster. Rental insurance can help replace anything that you lose in these situations, ensuring that everything inside of your rental unit is insured in case an adverse event occurs. Individuals who need rental insurance can contact the Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving the Saint Charles, MO area, to learn more about how to obtain appropriate coverage. 

Student Housing
If you live in student housing, be sure to protect your belongings against fire, theft, or loss. There are often specific policies designed for college students, and your insurance agent can speak to you about the type of policy that’s best for you. This will help ensure that you have the right amount of coverage for your belongings and aren’t carrying more coverage than you need. 

Apartment Dwellers
Individuals or families living in apartments should also consider purchasing rental insurance. Often it is a stipulation of your lease that you carry this type of policy, protecting your landlord from liability in the event of theft, fire, or natural disaster. An insurance agent can review how much you have in your rental and help you select the policy that’s right for you and your family. 

Senior Living Facilities
If you’re living in a senior living facility, it may still be important to carry rental insurance on your belongings. Some independent senior facilities, like condos or townhomes, provide you with quite a bit of space. It’ll be important to protect your personal items with an insurance policy. 

Rental insurance is often overlooked but is extremely important. If you don’t own the property that you reside in, contact Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO to learn more about this type of insurance. They can assist you each step of the way, helping you to decide on the policy that’s perfect for you and your family. 

A Guide To Help Missouri Residents Find Flood Insurance

Based in Saint Charles, MO, Nieroda Insurance Agency assists the community by offering residents different types of insurance coverage. We are committed to helping our clients through every step of the process, so that they can find insurance coverage that fits their individual needs.

Flood Insurance

Several areas in Missouri are prone to high-risk flooding. Severe flooding has the potential to cause serious damage. As a Saint Charles, MO resident, consider the benefits of flood insurance. Flood insurance protects your property if it is damaged due to severe flooding. The policy also covers your personal items if they are damaged as a result of severe flooding. Flood insurance provides a safety net if a disaster should arise.

If you have any luxury items such as antiques in your home, you may have to amend your policy in order to fully cover those items. Also, make sure that your home has been appraised before you research different policies. This will give you an accurate projection of the true value of your home. That should benefit you while you are searching for the right policy.

If you plan to renovate your home and install new carpeting or a new sink, make sure that you have amended your policy to cover these projects. Do not assume that flood insurance will cover these new items. You can also add extra coverage to protect you if any outdoor structures are seriously damaged due to flooding. This is helpful is your garage suffers extensive damage. You may have to add extra coverage to protect you if your outdoor fence or patio is impacted.

Consult With Nieroda Insurance Agency

We will use our extensive knowledge of the NFIP to help you find coverage. Visit our website today to learn more information.  

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Saint Charles MO Condo

If you love your condo, you’ll want to make it the best it can be. By upgrading your abode, you can make it a special place for you and your family. Before remodeling your Saint Charles, MO condo, talk to an agent from Nieroda Insurance Agency to see how upgrades will affect your condo insurance. If you own an older condo, here are a few good reasons to upgrade.

Improve Its Appearance

Upgrading your condo can improve its appearance, making it a more inspiring place to live. It also gives you a chance to create an ambiance that reflects your personality. Even small home improvements like new carpeting, modern light fixtures, or a fresh coat of paint on the walls can transform a condo, making it a more personal and unique living space for your family.  

Improve Home Safety, Security and Function

Upgrading your condo’s windows and exterior doors will not only enhance curb appeal, but it will also improve your condo’s safety and security. If you live in an area where crime is a risk, this is a worthy investment to protect your family. By investing in new appliances, you can enhance the function of your condo to make it a more comfortable place to live.

Increase Condo Value  

Major upgrades like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, adding a new guest room, or increasing storage space can increase the value of your Saint Charles, MO condo. If you decide to sell in the future, these upgrades will enable you to get a better price. Modernizing your condo will give it greater appeal to buyers and make it a more marketable property.

Once you’ve completed your projects, don’t forget to update your condo insurance to add these upgrades to your coverage. For quality condo coverage at affordable costs, contact Nieroda Insurance Agency.

An Overview Of Warehouse And Logistics Insurance

Nieroda Insurance Agency assists the Saint Charles, MO community through helping residents find coverage. We have partnered with a large network of Missouri carriers to make sure that our clients find the insurance coverage that they need regardless of their situation.

Warehouse and Logistics Insurance

If you are a business owner who relies on a warehouse as part of your operation, warehouse and logistics insurance can be a major asset. The policy covers warehouse storage operations. The policy recognizes that one business assists another business by managing the property of the other one. The business that stores and transports the cargo is covered in the event that any issues arise regarding storage, labeling, or packing. The coverage helps prevent businesses from being held liable for any issues with the cargo while it’s in transit. You can also add liability coverage to cover you in the event that property inside the warehouse is stolen or vandalized.

The policy covers damage to physical tools, such as forklifts, trucks, and computers while they are being transported. Businesses have protection in the event that any of their important data is destroyed or compromised while in transit. The policy also covers any physical issues related to lighting or damage to the warehouse. You can amend the policy to cover the removal of excess debris in the warehouse. If the warehouse suffers an equipment failure that causes damage to the stored property, you will also be covered. Warehouse and logistics insurance ensures that your business, as well as the other business, is covered through the entire transportation process.

Nieroda Insurance Agency Will Help You Find Coverage

For more information on warehouse and logistics insurance policies, stop by our office in Saint Charles, MO. We will assist you.

Benefits of Life Insurance

When faced with the task of purchasing life insurance policies many people will struggle to decide if the benefits of the policy are worth paying the premiums every month.  Nieroda Insurance Agency can help people in the Saint Charles, MO area to better understand the basics and benefits of a life insurance policy. Their agents will assist in making the right decision for you and your intended beneficiary.  There are two basic types of life insurance and each has its own benefits. There are whole life insurance policies that cover you for your entire life whether you live to be 40 or 115; while term life insurance policies only cover you for the term of the policy which can range from one year to twenty.  

Most people see the biggest benefit of whole life insurance as the fact that these policies last the insured person’s entire life.  Whole life policy premiums don’t increase during the life of the insured.  This means that premiums, the amount of money you pay each month to keep the policy in effect, will be higher than a term life policy when you first start to pay on it. The extra premium money becomes the cash value for the policy.  The insured can borrow this money or withdraw it early.  Of course, you must repay the loan and continue to make premium payments as well.  Your beneficiary will not pay tax on the death benefit money when they receive it.  However, the beneficiary is only paid the amount of the policy.  They will not receive any cash value money there may be.  

The benefit of term life policies is that premiums are lower at the beginning of the policy.  If the insured dies within the term of the policy then their beneficiary will receive a tax free cash payout. Most insurance companies require that the potential policyholder be examined by a doctor to make sure they do not have any serious health problems.  It can be seen as a benefit that the doctor’s exam is only required in the first term.  Premiums often increase every time the policy is renewed and as the policyholder ages.  The death benefit does not increase, however, unless the policy is changed.  The higher the death benefit the higher the premiums usually.

Understanding the benefits of each type of life insurance will help you decide which is best for you and your beneficiary.  In the Saint Charles, MO area please visit the website for Nieroda Insurance Agency to begin your search for the right life insurance. 


Did you know that almost every single state legally requires you to carry car insurance? It’s illegal to drive a motor vehicle in Missouri without an automobile liability insurance. Though your state probably requires a minimum amount of liability insurance, keep in mind the legal requirements they set are typically not enough to cover serious damages to a vehicle or more serious injuries. We as Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles we always embark on advising new buyers to acquire the best car insurance.

Auto insurance tips for new car buyers

Ensure you have the minimum liability coverage: Most states require you to have this coverage to pay for damages or injuries to others you may be responsible for when driving.

Undertake a driving course: Sometimes insurance companies will provide a discount for those who have completed an approved defensive driving course.

opt for voluntary deductibles: It’s a good way to lower your car insurance premiums. With this option, you agree to share the cost of repair in case of any claim resulting in lower premiums for an insurance plan.

Have comprehensive insurance cover: This caters for damages in an accident apart from collision. These include vagaries of nature like floods, tornadoes, fire as well as theft and vandalism.

Review the policy: When you have done your research and zeroed on a company read the policy carefully. If it contains the coverage that you had requested and priced, go for it.

Research additional discounts: Insurer provides a variety of discounts like allowing you to pay premiums at once for the entire coverage period.

If you purchase a car in Saint Charles, MO, we highly advise you to acquire an auto insurance policy of your choice. For any help visit our Nieroda Insurance Agency website and start your insurance experience with us!