Who needs to carry umbrella insurance

The simple answer to the question who needs to carry umbrella insurance would be anyone who owns a home or car and has any assets. In order to determine if umbrella insurance is right for you, a stop at the Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO is in order. They can answer any questions that you may have about which insurance coverage is right for you.

An umbrella policy is additional liability insurance above and beyond what you may already have on your home or auto insurance. You may think that you have a small home or an inexpensive car and why would you want or need additional liability coverage. What you are protecting is not only your current assets but those assets that you may acquire in the future.

If legal action is brought against you, you may be required to not only pay a settlement to the person who brought the suit against you but you will also incur a lot of legal costs. Your home or auto insurance will cover you up to the limit that is on your policy but in the world that we live in, the settlement that may be won against you can go way beyond those limits.

This is where an umbrella policy will kick in. It will pay the amount about the auto or home insurance up to the limit that the umbrella policy has. This can be between one and five million, dollars. If you don’t have a way to pay the judgment against you, your future earnings can be garnished. It could take years to earn enough to pay such a judgment.

If you live in the Saint Charles, MO area, why not stop by the office of Nieroda Insurance Agency to discuss whether an umbrella policy is something you should consider.

When is umbrella insurance a necessity?

Having liability insurance is a great form of personal protection. Most people have liability insurance in place through their home and auto insurance policies. However, there are situations in which having more liability insurance is beneficial. One type of insurance that can provide you with additional liability insurance coverage is umbrella insurance. There are several situations in which having umbrella insurance is a practical necessity. 

You Don’t Have Base Insurance

The first situation in which you need to have umbrella insurance is when you do not have base insurance policies in place. If you do not have a home insurance policy in place, you likely have no personal liability insurance. If you do not have any liability insurance, it is important that you purchase an umbrella insurance policy to give you coverage. This is also the case if you have base insurance, but your liability coverage levels are too low for comfort.

Higher Risk of Lawsuits

Another situation in which you should consider getting umbrella insurance is if you have a higher risk of being sued for liability. If you are a public figure or high-net-worth individual, you may be more of a target for larger lawsuits. In these situations, one of the best ways to protect yourself from larger lawsuits is by having a full umbrella insurance policy in place. 

If you are shopping for umbrella insurance in the Saint Charles, MO area, you should speak with the team at Nieroda Insurance Agency to start your search. The professionals at Nieroda Insurance Agency excel at identifying when people are in need of additional liability insurance coverage. They can then help you get an umbrella insurance policy that meets your needs.

Insurance Differences if You Only Use Your Motorcycle On Vacation

Is Your Other Hat a Motorcycle Helmet?

Taking good care of yourself includes indulging your love of riding your motorcycle. Having adequate and appropriate motorcycle insurance is key to letting the good times roll. Being properly insured before you ride means you have one less HUGE thing to worry about and protection in place to replace or repair your bike or another vehicle should an accident occur.

In the state of Missouri, it is especially important to check with your local DMV to find out what type of insurance your bike requires. Because of the many areas of liability when it comes to motorcycle riding, there are many types of insurance coverage which can include personal injury, property damage, medical payment insurance, etc.   

The General Rule

If the motorcycle is under lock and key and not being used with the exception of a few days out of the year, your motorcycle liability can be drastically reduced. There are too many exceptions to keep it simple. If it’s not on the road as a registered bike every day of the year, it is imperative to contact an agent to make sure you are adequately covered. 

Come Indoors to Insure Your Love of the Outdoors 

Weather permitting, bring the chopper into Nieroda Insurance Agency located in Saint Charles, MO and help us understand what you need. Our agents will take the time to learn about your motorcycle insurance situation by speaking with you about your hobby and answering any questions you may have.

Stop by our office in Saint Charles, MO today no matter what mode of transport you employ. We are also available by telephone at 636-255.0550. We are more than pleased to speak with you regarding any type of insurance you may need or have currently.

3 Tips for Boat Safety

Whether you are new to boating or are a seasoned veteran, you should know that cruising on a body of water can sometimes be dangerous. Just like when operating a car in Saint Charles, MO, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do to ensure you and your passengers are safe. When you don’t follow the proper safety procedures, you may end up putting yourself and everyone else on the water with you in danger. Here are three tips for boat safety.

Legal Operating Age

Driving a boat is just like driving a car or riding a motorcycle, there is an age limit one must be before getting behind the wheel of a vessel. It is essential that you check with the local regulations before allowing anyone not of the legal age to operate a boat. If you are caught allowing someone underage or inexperienced driving your boat, you may be found at fault.

Have Safety Gear On Board

You should have the proper safety gear on board with you at all times. Whether you plan to go out fishing for an hour or have a full day of water activities planned, it is crucial for your safety and the safety of your passengers that you have the appropriate safety gear on board. Life vests are essential, even for strong swimmers falling in the water can be fatal, especially if you hit your head or are temporarily confused. A life vest will allow your body to come to the surface, allowing you to breathe.

Do Not Drink and Boat

Having a cocktail or two while relaxing by the water can be fun but do not do it before getting on a boat. Drinking and driving a boat puts you, your passengers and everyone else on the water at serious risk. It is also illegal to drink and operate a boat, so if you are caught, you may face up to the same criminal charges as you would if you were operating a car while intoxicated.

Boating is a great way to spend the day, but it is essential that you do it safely. If you are new to boating and unfamiliar with the rules of the water and how to stay safe, consider taking a boat safety course and be sure to discuss your insurance options with Nieroda Insurance Agency.

Residents of Saint Charles, MO interested in learning more information about boat safety and boat insurance should contact Nieroda Insurance Agency.

Two Reasons to Consider Renter’s Insurance in Missouri

According to U.S statistics, 35% of the country’s population live in rental homes, and this should mean that a good percentage of the population should also acquire renters insurance. However, a recent survey conducted showed that about half of renters aged between 22 and 30 have not procured this type of insurance, which subjects them to a huge risk. At Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving Saint Charles, MO, we are an insurance agency that does not only provides renters insurance but also teaches clients why it is beneficial to procure renter insurance. Security for your belongings and property should be a concern for all renters.

Below are two reasons why Nieroda Insurance Agency suggests renter’s insurance for Missouri residents:

1. Providing security to your guests

This is applicable for aggressive pets, for example. If a guest is bitten accidentally by one of your pets while at your home, then you are liable for their medical bills. If you have a renter’s insurance policy, the costs may be covered by liability in your policy. You will need to discuss the details with your insurance agent before filing a claim. This type of policy is good for handling liability issues when an incident occurs that is due to your negligence or actions.

2. Coverage for damages caused by fires or weather to your belongings

A landlord’s policy will not cover your belongings from damages due to weather or a fire. If the incident is not due to your negligence, a renter’s insurance policy will gladly repair or replace your possessions should a covered peril occur. If you have higher end items, you will need to let your insurance agent know so that they can determine if you will need additional coverage. It is also wise to make an inventory of your most valued possessions to make sure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage.

Contact the agents of Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO to get a quote on a renter’s insurance policy and to learn more.

Do I need flood insurance in low risk areas?

It is possible to avoid unexpected surprises and huge losses when you understand how prevalent floods are in Saint Charles, MO. However, with current storms and hurricane patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable in recent years, prevention is better than cure, and thus you need to purchase sufficient flood insurance from Nieroda Insurance Agency. Interestingly, some homeowners are not sure whether it is advisable to buy flood insurance in low-risk areas. Here are a few considerations.

It is not easy to assess flood risk

According to an article written by various contributors including authors from FEMA, it was established that assessing flood risk can sometimes be confusing. One candid opinion from an interviewee; it is easier to assess earthquake than flood risk. The opinion of scientists and flood risk experts in the article underscored the significance of purchasing flood insurance. Moreover, there have been claims that FEMA is not good at predicting flash floods, because, in most cases, it focuses on river flooding.

Flooding outside high risk flood areas

For example, during the last week of May 2015, 311 calls related with flooding were geocoded from Houston, TX, which was considered a 1% annual chance of floods by FEMA. In other words, a lot of flooding was recorded outside places regarded traditionally as high risk than inside. This is an indicator that you cannot decide that you don’t need flood insurance simply because according to the FEMA map, you’re outside the high risk flood zones.

If you see signs such as erosion or ponding on your property or an elevation by FEMA in relative to the areas close to your home, then you need flood insurance. Moreover, the cost of repairs and replacement after a flood disaster outweigh the flood insurance premiums. Therefore, to be on the safer side, you should purchase flood insurance from Nieroda Insurance Agency. Contact us today for more information about flood insurance in Saint Charles, MO.

Myths about Condo Insurance

The Truth about Condo Insurance

Once you own a condo in Saint Charles, MO, it’s time to shop for condo insurance from an agent at Nieroda Insurance Agency. Don’t let these common myths fool you into not getting the right coverage.

Myth 1: My condo association already has insurance, so I don’t need it.

The insurance coverage from your condo’s master policy won’t protect you or your belongings. This coverage only applies to damage to the building and common areas. Every condo owner should have insurance to protect what is inside the unit.

Myth 2: Condo insurance only protects your belongings.

Condo insurance coverage will do more than just protect your belongings. Just like homeowners insurance, condo insurance comes with some liability coverage. Some policies will even cover additional costs to improvements you made in the unit, additional living expenses if you can’t live in your unit, and additional protection to cover you if your condo association doesn’t have adequate coverage.

Myth 3: Condo insurance will cover everything in the unit.

There is usually a limit on condo insurance policies for things like jewelry, watches, fur, or gems. If your jewelry and other special items are worth more than the limit, you will want to purchase additional coverage.

Myth 4: Condo insurance covers water damage.

Condo insurance likely won’t cover damage caused by sewer backups or overflowing water from rain or spring runoff. It’s a good idea to check with your policy, so you know what is covered.

Myth 5: If I rent my condo, my coverage will cover my tenants’ belongings.

Your rented condo insurance won’t extend to your tenants or their belongings. They will need their own renter’s insurance policy to cover their belongings and liability claims.

Contact Nieroda Insurance Agency, serving Saint Charles, MO, to get a quote on condo insurance.

Life Insurance: Is It Really Necessary for Your Situation?

Do you need life insurance?

A lot of people need it but don’t have it. Others have it, but they may not need it. Like other forms of insurance protection, there are many options for how much coverage to get and what type of policy you should have. The Nieroda Insurance Agency serves the Saint Charles, MO area, and can advise you on the kinds of life insurance policies available. Then you can work with an agent to choose the policy that’s best for you, and decide what level of coverage you need and want to have.

With life insurance comes peace of mind, for you and your family. That allows you to be protected, and helps to make sure your family will also be protected if something should happen to you. Especially if you’re the main supporter of the household, having life insurance can make a difficult situation a little bit easier. But there are some cases where it may not be necessary, or where a high level of coverage isn’t practical. In those cases, it’s better to have options and to be an informed consumer so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Reach out to us at the Nieroda Insurance Agency today, and let us help you find the policy that’s going to be the right choice. We proudly serve all of the Saint Charles, MO area, and have helped many customers just like you get the policy that fits their situation and needs. Contact our offices to speak with an agent and learn more about the benefits of a life insurance policy as well as the options we provide. We can help you get a quote and walk you through the life insurance process.

Is Your Business Owners Policy Enough?

Concerned your Business Owners Policy might not provide you with the coverage you need? At Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO, we can help you make sure you have the policy that will meet those needs.


Generally, a Business Owners Policy is very inclusive. It is typically the right fit for many businesses. However, even these inclusive policies have exclusions. It’s important to go over the coverage, carefully, with your agent to make sure there are no surprises down the road.

You don’t want to have an incident later on, or a loss, and find out your insurance doesn’t cover that type of incident or loss.


Some of the exclusions in Business Owners Policies include:

  • Commercial Fleet Insurance: You’ll need a separate policy to cover your fleet of vehicles. These are expensive assets, so it’s important to know they won’t be covered. Other vehicles the business owns may not be included either, so make sure to check. Ask your agent what additional coverage you’ll need.
  • Mechanical Equipment Breakdown Insurance: This insurance, which covers the repair or replacement of equipment and some revenue loss, is typically not included.
  • Disaster Coverage: Make sure to see if your Business Owners Policy covers natural disasters. See if debris removal or flood insurance is included, and what the limits are. These may be additional policies you’ll want to add.

Make sure to read the fine print on your commercial insurance policy. Business Owner Policies work well for many types of small businesses, but it is important to understand what they cover, and what they don’t. If you have questions about your policy or are considering adding to your coverage, contact us at Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO. We can help!

Why Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

You may only ride your motorcycle to enjoy the beautiful weather in St. Louis or Saint Charles, MO, or even to take the occasional weekend trip throughout the countryside. The motorcycle may not be your primary mode of transportation, and you may wonder if you need insurance. The friendly professional agents at Nieroda Insurance Agency can assure you of the necessity of motorcycle insurance and help you choose the right coverage.  

Motorcycle Insurance Helps Protect You as the Rider and Your Bike

Even the most vigilant motorcycle drivers can be hurt in an accident, and motorcycle insurance can help with medical bills. Insurance would help cover bills even if the accident did not involve another vehicle. Bikes can be damaged during accidents just like any other vehicle on the road, and this property damage can be covered by an insurance policy. Similar to car insurance, this type of insurance protects against theft and vandalism as well as small dents and other damage that may occur.

Motorcycle Insurance Helps Protect You When Others are Injured

Liability insurance on your motorcycle will help cover you if others are injured as a result of an accident. In most accidents, it is the bike and the rider who are hurt because they are more exposed than passengers in other vehicles. However, if a motorcyclists were to hit a person walking on the street, there could be quite significant liability charges. This insurance would help pay those charges. If you cause an accident and there is damage to the other vehicle or someone’s property, liability insurance will help with those bills as well.

Do You Need Comprehensive or Total Loss Coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is complete protection and can help replace the motorcycle if it is totaled. The value of your motorcycle will be determined by a Nieroda Insurance Agency specialist much like the value of a car would be determined using the blue book value. For owners of classic or custom motorcycles, there are policies which will give you a stated value of the bike instead of actual cash value.

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in most states and Nieroda Insurance Agency in Saint Charles, MO can help owners determine the level of coverage they need. Reach out to our offices to speak with an agent and get a quote.